Winter Camp

Winter Camp is an annual event organized by EUROAVIA București and it takes place during a weekend, being placed on Prahova Valley.

  • It is usually made a technical visit to the Ghimbav Group;
  • It contains various activities of self-awareness, personal development, teamwork and socialization;
  • The purpose is to provide a technical perspective to the members and to initiate them in the process of personal development;
  • The vision is to create a link with members and integrate them into the EUROAVIAn family

Last years, according to our tradition, the Winter Camp technical visits were made to AIRBUS HELICOPTERS ROMANIA, being a very good opportunity to facilitate the contact between company representatives and students. 

Also, during the course of this event there will be conducted workshops and Team Building activities, communication and leadership trainings in order to help in forming an unite and efficient EUROAVIAn team.