Rocket Workshop 2016

  • it is the biggest project, where teams of students from the University of POLITEHNICA Bucharest compete by building and launching a rocket model;
  • the purpose is to determine the students to develop teamwork skillsand to learn the technical side of a rocket model;
  • the vision is to create a community of united people who can together enjoy the fruits of their labor.

Within this project 100 students from University POLITEHNICA of Bucharest, namely Faculty of Aerospace Engineering, will be divided into 20 teams. Each team will build a rocket that will be launched at the end of the event. 

The aleatory formation of the teams has the mission to entail the students to develop communication skills and also the ability to analyze the ideas and decisions proposed by the other members of the belonging team. All these features have the objective to test the teamwork potential of each participant.

The project will take place over three days:

In the first day we will announce the teams, this means that each student will get acquainted with his teammates; continuing with the explanation of each step that should be followed by the teams in building the model made by our rocket experts. They will explain the theoretical and practical part; the optimization of each component, in as much as the rocket will be built in two steps.

In the second day the teams will set out general characteristics of the rocket, they will agree on the necessary materials of the construction and last but not least, they will perform calculus for choosing the design. Our experts will be alongside teams when they will build the rockets to give them technical and theoretical support.

The third day represents the last part of the event – rockets launching and rewarding teamsThis will be made according to performance analysis of each missile by a specialized jury. The whole launches observation will be conducted by: Media Partners, sponsors, EUROAVIA București organizers and spectators. At the end of day our experts will launch a NH model which will have attached a camera to record its evolution.

Rocket Workshop is a project through which students will develop teamwork, will learn the technical and theoretical needed to build a rocket and finally they will conclude their achievements by celebrating the event.