Rocket Workshop

Rocket Workshop is the largest EUROAVIA project, bringing together:

  • students from Polytechnica University of Bucharest
  • trainers specialized in Rocket Science
  • teachers
  • a large audience

The purpose of this workshop is to enhance the abilities of the participants, to encourage and stimulate teamwork and to teach contestants to communicate efficiently when faced with a time limit, in order to design and build a rocket out of materials provided by the event organizers.

During the 3 days of the event, contestants will learn the basics of designing a rocket and practical notions of Rocket Science, as follows:

Day 1: we will present the theory of building a rocket, necessary for its stability during flight.

Day 2: each team will build their own rocket, under the careful guidance of our trainers, in order to launch it safely.

Day 3: final round of the contest – participants and audience alike will be able to admire the rockets flying and afterwards, the award ceremony will take place.

Rocket Workshop 2016