Rocket Workshop 2017


On the 12th – 14th of May 2017, EUROAVIA Bucureşti organised the 6th edition of the successful project Rocket Workshop,  a competition which targets team work and the process of building a fully functional rocket model.

The purpose of this event was developing the personal and social skills of the participants while teaching them how to successfully build a rocket.

We wanted to build a community among students, within EUROAVIA Bucureşti but also within University POLITEHNICA of Bucharest. The purpose was fulfilled with the participation of the 78 students from 8 different faculties. The participants were divided in 17 teams and they managed to build just as many rockets.

Rocket Workshop 2017 took part over the course of 3 days, according to the schedule presented below:

  • 12 May: our trainers taught students how to build their rockets; participants also got to take a closer look at the materials used and spent some time with their teammates in order to get to know each other better
  • 13 May: the  participants did the calculations, tested the parachutes, build their rocket models and painted them
  • 14 May: the last day took place at Aeroclubul Teritorial “Aurel Vlaicu” București, where the rockets build by the students were launched, reaching altitudes of 300 m whilst the presentation rockets built by the EUROAVIA trainers overcame the 400 m threshold; the day came to an end with an award ceremony of the best three teams

Rocket Workshop 2017 offered the participants 3 unforgettable days and it proved that EUROAVIA is capable of organising an even better edition in 2018, so stay tuned!