AeroCamp 2017

  • This is a project in its first edition, intended for members of the EUROAVIA Bucharest Association and students of the Faculty of Aerospace Engineering.The event will take place at AEROSTAR SA Bacau, as well as at the hostel where we will be accommodated – “Casablanca Boarding House” – from 31 March to 2 April 2017. 48 students will take part in this project and the following activities will take place:
    • Technical visit to AEROSTAR SA Bacau;
    • Workshops organized by AEROSTAR SA Bacau;
    • Personal development and teamwork training.

    The goals of the event are:

    • Development of inter-personal skills and technical abilities of the participants;
    • Facilitating an open communication environment between participants;

    The objectives of the event are:

    • Creating a knowledge-friendly environment;
    • Student guidance for career guidance;
    • Professional and personal development


The event agenda: