Internationally, EUROAVIA consists of 45 local groups with 2,000 members from 20 countries and its purposes are to:

  • promote cooperation in aerospace industry;
  • represent at international level the aerospace engineering community;
  • familiarize students with future work environment through contacts with industry.

EUROAVIA is represented by the International Board which consists usually of 5 members – a President who is supported by: a Secretary, a Treasurer and two Executive Members. The International Board is elected in Spring time during EMEAC (Electoral Meeting of EUROAVIA Congress). During AMEAC (Annual Meeting of EUROAVIA Congress) 50 representatives of affiliated societies meet to discuss and decide on the current and future policies of EUROAVIA.

One of the ways of collaboration with faculty members of affiliated societies, students and partners is through Working Groups – WG (motivated team members who share their time and expertise to build the wings of their future).

Internationally there are several types of events, each focusing into developing specific aspects and all of them are organized by affiliated societies.

The international events calendar for 2016-2017 is: