Alumni Gathering 2017

Alumni Gathering 2017 is a first edition project, reffering to strengthen the bond between the juniors and seniors of EUROAVIA București.

With this activity, the association will collect different ideas and tips that can prepare our members for their future.

The communication platform between generations will consist of the experiences of those who have a career in the aerospace world and will help those who wish to follow their path.

The purpose of this project is to help the continuity and uniformity of knowledge transfer from one generation to another.

Alumni Gathering 2017 has the vision of continuity on different levels:

  • continuity every year in realising this project;
  • continuity based on the communication between our members from different generations;
  • continuity in updating the EUROAVIA Bucharest Alumni database, which will improve the functioning of the association.

The mission of the project is to create a tradition.

The main goals of the event are:

  • Discovering possible job opportunities and collaborations with different companies;
  • Networking;
  • Knowledge transfer.

The history of EUROAVIA București needs to be spread.

“Professionalism through continuity!”